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10 of My Favorite 2016 Design Trends

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The 2016 trends in the home decor and interior design world have been just what we needed! A more relaxed look but with some some fancy gold overtaking the ever so popular silver craze. Let's take a look at some of m favorites so far.

1. Matte black or brushed gold fixtures.

Either of these  add a deep  interesting and elegant contrast. You may mix and match with your hardware just be careful they coordinate.

Either of these add a deep interesting and elegant contrast. You may mix and match with your hardware just be careful they coordinate.

2. Less upper cabinets in kitchen and more tiles

This is an amazing design detail that makes a great impact. The wall looks finished and interesting and it looks like a more expensive home. Instead of stopping the back splash at the upper cabinets the entire wall on the side and above the upper cabinets have the back splash tile covering.
Another way to apply this is on a large wall in a passageway or stair way. You can apply wood paneling or tile or wallpaper to customize your home and make a large expanse interesting.

3. Wood counter tops as islands

This is a tried and true idea. Islands make great spaces to do a lot of mixing or chopping. Installing wood is not only a cost saving method but also very functional. Aesthetically it gives the space interest with mixing the elements and looks rich and fantastic!

4. Geometric Wallpaper

Wallpaper still alive and kicking! It was very popular a few decades ago and it has made a big come back 5 years ago with more modern designs and textures. It is like an accent fabric. On a wall in a small space like a powder room to make that room a little gem, or on a large wall in a passage way or staircase to create a customized interesting finish to the space.

5. Large scale lighting

Large scale lighting is a much needed trend. Most people skip the lighting in their design and wonder what is missing? Chandeliers are striking in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and aren't not only for dining rooms. Also, groups of 2 or 3 or more chandeliers are even better! See the picture Above.

6. Lucite furniture

- Such a great and durable glass like look. It adds a modern element to any space. So happy this is trending!

7. Art Inspires the design

Just as you can design a room around an area rug, you can design a room around art. Art is a staple to design and has been around for centuries. Art is just as important to the rooms design as the floor or paint. It should not be the after thought. For a show stopping room find an art piece that inspires you and create your finishes and room from that. This is a staple in trend or not - but this year it is!

8. Mismatch cabinets

Just as you would mix materials and finishes of tables and materials in a living room design, the kitchen is getting a casual eclectic makeover. Which in turn looks very rich , well thought out and designed. Mix and match uppers and or lower cabinets or change the island base finish from the main kitchen cabinets. Making sure it coordinates. A professional would be advisable in this type of application.

9. Bathrooms are living spaces

Oh man this one is my favorite out of my favorites! Placing a sitting area in your bathroom, and or building in a special retreat area in your bathroom during a remodel would set your bathroom apart from many! Up your resale, up your enjoyment of this space, and be sophisticated and rich feeling. Does your husband like to sit and talk to you while you get ready to go out? Or do you like to read a magazine or a good book after a warm bath? A pair of cozy chairs or a love seat with an ottoman would be so luxurious and amazing! This is a trend that we will be seeing sprout up more and more - just you watch!

10. Wood glazed tiles

This trend combines the best of both worlds, the rich look of wood floors with the price and durability of porcelain tile! Who wouldn't jump on board with this trend! The glazing patterns are so wood like you really can't tell. It is a little harder under your feet, but it is non dent or scratch-able and the cost is half the price of real wood. Check it out!

Thanks for reading through my favorite 2016 trends. I will miss summer but am ready to welcome fall with open arms! 

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Cheers and blessings to you and your family! 

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