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5 Color Trends of 2017

Interior Design color forecast

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The more we are immersed in the modern world the more we yearn to bring back the nature that we so love and miss. Back to our roots if you will. This bright and spring green is a happy and vibrant bust of color that we all desire psychologically.

Since it is a trendy color it is best applied in accent chairs, pillows, paint, art work, dining chairs, and area rugs.

You can search the web for more color inspirations and find hundreds! But here I am going to share with you my favorites.

I love the way that the black and white ink scheme is a modern backdrop for these pops of green! Don't be afraid to go bold. See the bold dark rug bright drapes, and full wallpaper walls!

This certainly is more of a commitment but the green carpet up the stairs is like grass inside! Other subtle pops of green throughout the space tie into the black and white an green scheme. I would not select the zebra rug to go next to the "x" rug, but I can see what they were trying to do. The dotted wallpaper combined with the "x" rug is a lot of geometric and the natural wood grain floor was against the white is not ideal, but if not wanting to redo hardwood floors the zebra is a nice tie between while being modern black and white and natural like in pattern.

Love this desk arrangement by Tendencia fashion x decor! A perfect blend of modern and whimsy, naturals and lacquers. Symmetrical and lovely. I'm a sucker for gold, and the crisp art of nature with clean green leaves ties into the modern white desk and the Bahama style Chinese Chippendale chair. The chairs seat ties into the wall color and might be the only tweek I would do would be to put the green down into the seat as well.

Yellow glow

A symbolic marriage of joyfulness and intellect, Dunne Edwards Honey Glow evokes feelings of curiosity and a natural marveling at the world around us. It represents global and cultural trends toward warmth, the exploration of new territories and celebrating life filled with color.

I love how fashion and home design inspire each other and go hand in hand. I love how the above room space is luxurious, modern, and casual and so is the style below. So classic and casual at the same time.

I must find this vest coat!

Splash this warm happy color into a rich pallet of grey wood, white and deep indigo! Apply to any room, living room, kitchen, dining table, or family room.

This is a beautiful example of the combinations we see of blue, rose and gold. This warm yellow is now being conveyed in more home decor items other than just metal gold with style.


With grey still being the ever popular neutral. The market is veering back to the warm neutrals. Taupe is the bridge between the old beige and the new grey. It evokes sophistication and warmth at the same time.

Poised Taupe is Sherwin Williams 2017 color of the year.

Dusky blues

As 2016 ends we are moving from the bold navy blues into the dusky blues with just the same amount of richness, but more soothing effect. mixed with light pinks and rose tones are very beautiful and are still desired by the market.

Sherwin Williams carries a beautiful blue called Dusky blue & Endless Sea

You will see beautfiul rose & blue combination in fabric, bedding, and art.


Although the ever popular and my favorite neutral palette is not ever out of trend - drama is the way to go in 2017. Pops of bold color, dark walls, and bold color are what is foretasted in 2017 according to Elle Decor. Personally I'm all for this trend. The more bold you go the more rich and committed the space looks to it's scheme.

I love this warm yellow with the other colors of the year - light pink, dusky blue & green!

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