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5 Effortlessly Breathtaking Thanksgiving Table Settings

This year they will be in love with your décor!

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1.Use of readily available produce & foliage

Take a walk outside. - bring your kitchen sheers and find natural foliage that is plentiful on long stems to run along the length of your table. You can easily buy them from your local florist. Then grab some fresh fruit either apples, oranges, and of course pumpkins and lay them out on the foliage. And you have a very beautiful and natural display.

Above is a most stunning spread of green leafs with acorns, persimmons and fresh flowers.

2. Buy stunning flatware.

This combo of copper metal chargers and colonial turkey print plates really brings elegance and style to any table setting. Find a set you love and buy it. It will go with your table decorations for years to come. This particular set is from Williams & Sonoma

3. Keep it simple.

Too many elements can take away from the main event. Just like a gal with too much makeup, you want the décor elements to only enhance the main feature - the meal . Not distract from it. Glass hurricanes and a single color table linens with a handful of green plants is beautiful. Pottery Barn

Even though there are multiple colors to this, on a simply decorated table it is an elegant expression of design on the table. This set is from Sur Le Table

This simple jute runner is a perfect backdrop to the silver and sage colored centered piece. The dinnerware is simply elegant with just a touch of elegance that could be used year round. This picture is from Crate & Barrel

4.Add a personal touch.

Thank you Michaels! For this clever DIY tutorial. I always love using fallen leaves because they evoke the season so wonderfully, are free, and are beautiful! Using them as place cards is brilliant!

Butcher paper!!! If you are artistic, or have an artist in the family. Commission them to draw out the place mats and write the names of those attending. I love the massive amounts of candles atop the greenery. And you see just a sprinkle of orange pumpkins for color.

Hand roll decorative paper to make favors for your guests. Handmade is impressionable and lovely because each one is unique. You can find decorative paper at the craft store in creative memories section.

5. Add an element of bling

This natural table setting is simple with it's organic center pieces. The white and pastel pumkins keep the feeling complex and sophisticated. The add of bling in candlesticks and chargers is what ups this tables beauty.

I love this combo!!! It's unique and fresh and the bling is the purple. An in common - yet perfect sense- color to bring in mimicking eggplant. The magnolia leaves are a beautiful green with the pops of persimmon color and purples & white flowers.

Spray paint your pumpkins gold to add bling to a beautifully traditional table setting.

Base your table with plaid. Fusing a celtic tradition to an American tradition. It's warm, sophisticated, cozy, and historically accurate. The mossy greenery and pine cones perfectly ties the whole theme together. There were many Scotts settled in America before we were even a nation of our own.

Glittered pine cones add sparkle to the table setting. Floating candles in water filled hurricanes could be your bling too. The flame reflects off the water so mysteriously.

Well you would think the bling is gold in the above photo but it actually is the black and white. A modern twist to the traditional table setting.

Hand written tags in cursive at a touch of bling here. The white pumpkins are so beautiful all on their own on this wood platter surrounded with berries. The tags just add that perfect touch.

Aqua - A gorgeous variation on the fall color theme that is unexpected and refreshing.

Rustic tree trunk chargers are gorgeous. The natural element is in full force and is a winner all over the design world and in your homes!

Blue pumpkins! Painted pumpkins in different hues of blue. So fun, so refreshing, and so different from the normal fall scheme. Have fun with it and bring together your favorites to create a breathtaking table scape your family and friends will be Thankful for.

For more ideas or help in brightening up your home for the holidays contact me at or 949-614-9564.

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