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5 reasons why smart homeowners are calling interior designers before their next remodel

Read before you start your next remodel!

As an Interior Designer I see too often than not I have entered into a home and new customers explain to me all the headaches of their remodel. And I say why didn't you call me first?

Interior Designer's like myself, with a proper degree, have been educated on architecture, code, and full scale ground up building of commercial and residential spaces.

With HGTV so successful in reaching most homeowners attention, why do we still see the problem of the lack of the Interior Designer's expertise in the home remodel process? If you observe, all the most popular HGTV shows have a pair of experts; the designer and the contractor. For example, Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Love it or List it, and more!

I ask myself this because I have a strong passion that this a real problem and it hurts the homeowner. My job being to help the homeowner I must speak up and help with a solution.

I present to you 3 mistakes made when remodeling...


1. It's a smart plan

As I stated above, the experts at HGTV know what is smart - an interior designer, that's right. They all have an interior designer's expertise and input paired with the handy work. It creates a smart plan for your project and for your budget.

Your budget is your most precious commodity in the whole scheme of things, when you have a plan ahead of time you can manage that much more efficiently with less hiccups in the process.

Two heads are better than one. The ideal situation should be that Interior Designer and Contractor collaborate and figure out the design together. When you solely rely on the contractor for ideas and design you will get just what he has seen and done. Interior Designers also tend to have more time and passion to sift through lots of ideas having a vast bank of ideas in their heads.

The designer is your advocate. Throughout the whole process I collaborate with my contractor and work with them to get the best design and achieve the desired end result for my client.

2. It saves you money

When you have the plans put together and materials selected with your designer before the work is started, you can get comparable bids from prospective contractors (if not using the designers). If you are using the designers contractor it enables them to give you an accurate bid based on the design and materials selected. For instance if you have the countertop picked out as granite and backsplash as a chevron tile running up to the ceiling that price is much different in materials and labor than a standard granite countertop and 18" high backsplash out of granite will be.

You can end up in cost disputes mid remodel with your contractor if you've not selected materials at the beginning. And then you select something that requires more material and labor to install. The installer is going to have to increase the price to do the work. If you were bid one thing and then it's raised your dispute can cause emotional strain, budget increase, and slow down your project because your contractor now doesn't want to finish or work with a customer that is in their eyes unreasonable. I know it isn't your fault, but it puts you and contractor in a sticky situation, and unfortunately this happens more often than any wants it to.

Additionally, when you have a plan you are not susceptible to extra costs due to a redo because you didn't like it.

Also your interior designer know what effects are most impactful in determining which to invest your money in, and which not to invest your money in. For example opening up a wall and creating a large opening is much more impactful than re installing hardwood floors you could just refinish.

3. It's save a large Headache

Your interior designer has end result in mind. For example, I have an invested interest in my clients' projects and the end result for them, number one so they are happy, but number two for my vision to come to life and be added to my portfolio. Everyone has an investment in the project, the contractor has his reputation and referral and continued working with me to gain. In order for all those elements to work cohesively you first must use an interior designer, and then also their trusted sources.

I create a plan and manage it as it ebs and flows through the remodel process. This saves you a huge headache working with a lazy contractors, or unknown sources that do not come highly recommended.

I am an advocate for my clients. I want what's best for them, if you lack that element you might find you may be working with a contractor who wants to do what is comfortable and easy for him, and fast so he can get in and get out. This usually leaves the client saying "I don't really like how (this) looks like, I wished I got another professional opinion about it before it was installed." I hear that too often. And this can easily be fixed!

Interior Designers make educated decisions for their clients based on experience. I am a neutral third party that can help you make that decision on how you want the end result to look like.

4. unprecedented experience

Since it is our sole profession we have exposure to many different projects of all styles and sizes. For instance I know how granite wears versus marble, which materials coordinate best so you don't get a cookie cutter look. Also the vendors who provide the materials are sending us promotional information educating us and giving us new ideas. We are kept up to speed on the latest and greatest and know what materials are the good old steadfast.

We also have hands on experience doing so many projects to know what works and what doesn't saving you time, money and heart ache.

I have a trained eye to know what will look good together and what to put together to achieve the look you want.

And as I stated many times, with our experience we have a team of trusted and vetted contractors and highly skilled craftsman at your disposal for your project.

5. we are detail oriented

I am going to give you a designer versus contractor comparison. This is not a good or bad soap box, this is just the differences between the two if they were left to their own devices, and it shows you how they pair well together and that you can't have one without the other.

Designer ------------------------------- versus------------------------------ Contractor:

DESIGNER Sees vision down to details including personal touches : CONTRACTOR Sees finished project down to their installed items

DESIGNER has unbridled imagination : CONTRACTOR does common installations most popularly chosen

DESIGNER includes customized options creatively : CONTRACTOR includes what is most commonly asked for

DESIGNER stages and decorates whole room with upholstery, window treatments, plants, accessories, art personal touches : CONTRACTOR installs materials to finish bones of project

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