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DIY succulent terrarium

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It's quite simple

I just potted and create some beautiful succulent arrangements for a design project. It was so fun and I love installing live plants instead of buying the plastic or silk plants. I am happy with how they turned out and wanted to share with you. Also I'll describe the simple step by step of how to create your own DIY succulent terrarium arrangement.

How amazing does this look? The clean lines of the glass boxes and connected at angles with the soft succulents juxtaposing these sharp lines.

You'll need 3 or more succulents, small pebbles and green moss. You can buy the moss and pebbles at your local craft store.

place the moss on the bottom of the boxes remove the succulent (optional) from it's container, wrap it in the moss and place into box or terrarium. Surround with pebbles and more moss to secure . Water with distilled water with a mist bottle.

Succulent like lots of sun and warmth and need very little watering. once or twice a month.

This particular terrarium came from West Elm.

I found the glass cylinder below for a few dollars at a second hand store, I then found a perfect wooden bowl base for a few more dollars at Home Goods. Then I placed this lovely plant inside.

It's all about keeping your eyes open for good deals, and mind open for clever ingenuity. If you don't have a full plan that's ok, it'll all come together if you get enough of the basic elements. Or if that's too overwhelming, call me or visit my store in February 2017.

Glass cylinder plant

Tall rectangular vase

I then potted this clever little arrangement. I wanted grass in this rectangular glass vase, but I didn't want glue and pebbles to collect dust. And a live plant needs some sustenance. See how I pulled this together below... I bough a succulent that had long leaves and separate stocks. I dissected it pulling apart at the roots and then arranging them in the glass, poured in dirt and then topped with moss.


Orchids are a staple in a home and add elegance in any style room. I love the pink and purples, but the classic white called for this project.

I potted this in a square glass vase... the orchid is also very low maintenance and you need not put it dirt, just place it in it's existing container it sprouted in, place moss, pebbles, then surround with more moss pebbles and whatever else you want to decorate it with. In California we use shells and sea like accents to bring in the beachy theme.

Mini terrarium

These mini pots were simple terracotta pots painted black, and find small glass terrariums for end tables and small surfaces for a small pop of life in your home's decor.

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