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How to: Designer Christmas decor

An inspiration for your home.

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If you are like me you make it an ordeal the day you decorate for Christmas. The day of or after Thanksgiving is usually the tradition in my family. I turn on Christmas music, put my Christmas blend essential oil in my diffuser, pour a cup of eggnog/ coffee mix and pull out the boxes full of Christmas decorations.

Here are some inspiring decorating ideas that freshen up your look and inspire you for this year or next. Shopping tip * All decorations after Christmas are on clearance discount and are the best time to purchase them.

Mix in those small twinkle lights with natural elements contrasted against sparkly ornaments make your decorations look interesting and beautiful.

1. Layer

Layers are what creates depth and interest.

The bottom layer would be place mats , napkins, table cloth. Layering plates . Then in the center layer the foliage, or runner. Layer textures, wood, cloth, metals, rough textures etc. Mixing colors is another way to layer

2. Stagger height

Mix items of varying heights. Large medium & small. All clustered, layered, or laid in a pattern.

3. Metallic elements

Use metallic items either silver/gold, or mix both!

On the table.

In the garland

On the tree

In the home accessories (pillows etc)

4. Overlay

Don't worry about where to hang wreaths. Hang them over mirrors, drapes, & artwork. It's temporary and adds an interesting depth to the décor.

5. Use fresh foliage

Fresh pine wreath adds the smell element, and nothing is more rich looking than the real deal.

Fill baskets, jar, bowls, and mantels with fresh pine branches.

6. Lights

Lights are what makes the Christmas magic. The sparkly element creates beauty, warmth, and glow while bringing us back to that warm happiness of childhood.

There are so many light options. The new small battery operated ones are very attractive and much improvement to the big Christmas tree lights on the green wire.

You can find them at Anthropologie and online.

7. Pick a theme

A snowy white sparkly dream is an elegant beautiful theme. Or maybe a red. Blue is fun. Or beach theme which is apt here in California. Classic, nutcracker, animals etc. The sky is the limit! Have fun with it and enjoy!

As the holiday and New Year approach us, I wish you and your family warm wishes and a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

I am excited to see what opportunities bring in the year 2017!

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