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How to make pillows

Decorative DIY painted pillows edition

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DIY Hand painted pillows

One of my favorite parts to a room design are the fabric elements- I love fabric! Pillows are a unique way to express pops of color, style , and attitude into the room. They add such depth, character and definition to the style and theme of the room. I love solid bright colored pillows, I love natural linen textured pillows, I love bold fun modern patterned pillows.... and my new favorite are hand painted pillows.

I was inspired while in the midst of looking for pillows for a project, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted to tie in the modern floral pattern in the amazing new roller shade we installed and wanted it to be on the accent color that we had chosen. So to solve a problem I found the perfect stencils at my local craft store and bought metallic paint all purpose paint that was intended for fabric, which went with the color scheme and modern theme. I painted the solid gorgeous persimmon colored fabric and had my workroom sew the pillow with zipper and it was a very special personal touch to the project.

My client thought it special, I found a solution to my problem, and the pillow looked perfect in the room!

I was inspired to paint some more pillows in different colors and on different fabric. And this is the birth of my pillow project which I now have several for sale on my website.

I also wanted it to add value to the world more than just another pillow so I dug deep and did some research and I felt compelled to give a percent of the proceeds to children who are in need. We are so fortunate and my girls have everything they ask for. It breaks my heart to hear and think that there are children in this world even county who don't have that same circumstance. They are either hungry, or in distress, have been torn from their parents due to circumstances out of their control. And they experience things at a very young age that they shouldn't. So I'm giving part of the pillow proceeds to those children through different organizations Safe Home for Children in Orange County being the first.

So here are some shots of the process of my passion pillow project and the finished products below. :

To purchase just go to the Shop Love Your Home Decor tab.

painting and picking out coordinating fabric.

sewing sample pillows.

My kitchen is my workroom. I love my decal on my wall: "When writing the story of your life , never let anyone else hold the pen." So true!

Finished product in clients home. I actually did a pillow for her family room too because I couldn't find Spring green in the winter! haha

The original pillow that started it all. One of my favorite designs.

And there they are. You can shop more designs at

I want this line to be successful so I can help those in need. Please provide any feedback or items that are your favorites so I can fine tune the line.

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