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Indigo Love:

an easy way to diy shibori fabric

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Shibori, a home fashion trend that exploded in 2015 with handmade goods coming back into popularity in full swing. It is centuries old and is still going strong and features our favorite color indigo blue! The patterns and finished product are so beautiful and elegant it's hard to believe how incredibly easy it is to do!

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Shibori: is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric.[1]

In Japan, the earliest known example of cloth dyed with a shibori technique dates from the 8th century.

The main dye was indigo and, to a lesser extent, madder and purple root; the fabrics used were silk, hemp, and later cotton. These are the recommended fabrics to use since they take the dye best.

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The patterns vary from simple to intricate. The most popular are the simplest to do! My 3 year old even helped me! We started out experimenting with baby onesies for a baby shower present. I tried three different types. Striped vertical, boshi ( square grid) , and oniko (circles). Traditionally they used string to tie and loop, but since I had a modern kit I used rubber bands. Both work, but I'm sure string works best. I'm not done experimenting and will add more feedback and discoveries in another blog. But my first try and experiment was really easy and successful.

Pattern tutorial diagram

You will need...

Water, cotton fabric, indigo fabric dye, plastic gloves, string or rubber band, plastic wrap, and paper towels to protect your surface if you are using squirt bottles, if dipping in dye you will need a stainless steel pot or bucket.

Here are my finished fabrics

They will make beautiful finished pillows for my TLA boutique!

Check them out

Here are more ideas of how to use Shibori pattern in your home.

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