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My Story

Why I love interior design

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my story

I've always liked decorating since I can remember, I would constantly rearrange my bedroom and setting my stuffed animals just so. I kept busy growing up with school, piano and horseback riding competitions. When it came time to choose a profession I knew with all my constant decorating skills I was destined to do it for others.

I attended Interior Designers Institute in Newport beach just a few minutes from my home In Southern Orange County. I learned architecture, rendering, textiles, autocad and so much more and I honestly loved every class - tedious or creative. One of my favorite classes was the senior class thesus in the Bachelors program where I designed a commercial Live/work/retail 4 level building in a zen style.

If you've worked with me and have recently met me, you know me as a confident and friendly woman filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Believe it or not, I was once a soft spoken and unconfident person. It is that sweet nature and lack of confidence that led me into an abusive relationship. Design was my safe haven while I was coping and figuring out the messy path out of that relationship. I gained presentation skills in college and people skills working at Ethan Allen Inc. Laguna that was my first stepping stone in gaining confidence. I learned a lot developing projects and managing designers for 7 years at Ethan Allen.

I owe my sanity to the therapy of creating order and beauty in design projects. By the grace of God, family and friends constantly pleading, I was able to see clearly, after 10 years, that I needed to finally leave that relationship and never look back. It was a very unhealthy situation with substance and violence starting to take center stage in our relationship and I was seeing myself going down with him. Thankfully there were no children between us, and it was a clean break. But for some it's not that easy.

That's the reason why I donate 20% of proceeds from my boutique to Safe Families for Children OC. I give to them because I believe everyone in an unhealthy situation needs help getting out. They help those who need changing plus giving those innocent children in that unfortunate situation a safe place to live while their parents work on getting healthy. You can learn more about them here or visit their Facebook page here.

To shop boutique click here

I am so grateful for my new life and the blessings I have with my amazing husband and beautiful girls. Now that I am emotionally healthy my design talents have flourished even more and it gave me confidence to start my own business in 2012. Being my own boss is a blessing to my family and I. I can be present and spend quality time while setting my own schedule for designing.

what inspires me

The best thing about being an interior designer is that my eyes are open to inspiration all the time. When I go out to dinner, when I go shopping, when I drive by old neighborhoods and when I take walks through nature. History and culture inspires me. I just love historical archictecture! History of Architecture was my favorite class in school. The English tudor, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bouhouse, Louis style mansions. I particularly love the work designers do in Architectural digest with the English castle like manners and the juxtaposition of modern furniture in them!

My own personal family history inspires me. I come from a line of craftsman, crafters, and DIY-ers. My great grandmother was a shrewd business woman, my grandfather was a professional painter, my grandmother sews veraciously for the Camp Pendelton moms, my other grandfather had a full scale woodworking shop taking up his three car garage, my father took after him and is a master DIY-er and builds furniture and remodeled our entire house that I grew up in, and my mother is a quilter.

With the vast catalogue of rooms, the TV and internet is a great source; but where I truly get inspiration is from my client. I hear what they want, how they want to use the space, and I see examples of what they like and then I see a vision in my head for them.

Each project is an inspiration for pillows in my pillow boutique. That is why it's not a boutique of all African mudcloths or all florals. It is filled with collections that I hope each person can find something they like... at the same time if they don't find something I am always open to making a custom order for them at an affordable price. You can shop boutique here

my own home

Our home is infused with my husband & I's culture using accents of Vietnamese art and embroidered textiles mixed with furniture that have clean but traditional English style details. As a designer and lover of all beautiful things, it's hard to narrow it down. What personally speaks to me is Country French, Scandinavian, Modern, and Industrial design style.

With children under the age of 5, we have a great balance of elegant décor and practicality that is child friendly. We strongly believe in having quality pieces that will last in our family for many generations.

I love indigo and white and gold eclectic modern for our master bedroom, and espresso and white and black combo styled in Restoration Hardware for our living area. Our dining area has an gorgeous Kreiss table with the heaviest round slab of cream travertine on top.

Here are some photos of our bright and colorful casual home. . .

The sheer drapes are a DIY project transforming ugly plastic vertical blinds into beautiful functioning sheer drapes. See blog here. To see more blog posts visit my Pinterest page here.

Yes that is a blanket on the ottoman. It serves as a coffee table, jumping playground, coloring table, and imagination station. Designer tip: to protect your precious ottoman from all of the above, cover it with a washable blanket. Tuck in the sides to keep it secure. I love the white, and it's washable so I'm not worried.

I love my Shibori pillows in this space. They tie in the Asian culture and bring in loads of color.

This roman shade coordinates with the fabrics in the living room since they are open to each other. Walls are a faint blue, and the black and white art on either side are personal and special to me. I made the art on the right ; I also made the roman shade valance. The DIY link is here: *added note, add 3 inches to overall width of window to eliminate the light gap you see here.

Our little dog Philly.

I love my chalkboard calendar. I am using it for learning letters at the moment. I've written our meal time menu on it in the past. It's that perfect rustic and earthy look the I love.

This is our gorgeous Kreiss table that is standing up to all our projects, toddler food adventures, and more! Designer tip: I covered the upholstered seats of the temporary dining chairs with vinyl fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love the arrow patterns that are circulated in 2016.

Our master bedroom, I'm actually in the process of transforming it with more white and modern feel for the One Room Challenge. It's a contest run through Linda's blog at You can check it out and find mine using #oneroomchallenge or visiting my IG page

Our girls room is so sweet and I love how the pink and navy blue turned out. The two quilts on the bed are hand made by fellow crafty gals in my family and mean a lot to us.

Thanks for reading

I'm glad you stopped by and read and discovered a little bit more about me. I hope to see you follow me on Instagram, or help you work on your project, or send you some pillows from my boutique.

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