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My Story: Lacey

Hand Painted antique inspired lace

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I am Lacey and this is my story:

I am a smooth and delicate looking linen pillow, but durable against daily use.

I was born out of Interior Designer, Tiffany Nguyen's, brain-storming mind.

One of her many favorite colors is aqua, as a California born girl she's always been attracted to the ocean. And on the clearest of days this ocean mist, light aqua color speaks to her happy place overlooking the sea shore. The other inspiration for me is Tiffany's hopeless romantic love for history. The history of architecture was her favorite class in Design School so naturally she envisioned lace and flowers softening my straight lines and creating some antique inspired details.

With intricately hand painted designs I am a show stopper. Each and every one of 'me' is unique and one of a kind.

You could find me lounging on a chaise enjoying tea time, or sitting on a grey linen slipcovered sofa watching Outlander, or reclining on a bed surrounded by white, linen, cotton, and ivory bedding napping with a cat.

Myself and others like me are now available for purchase.

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