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My Story: Velvet Metallica

Hand painted metallic floral meets modern

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I am a persimmon velvet pillow and this is my story.

Interior Designer Tiffany Nguyen was working on a master bedroom. The bedding, rug, window treatments, art, and fabrics for the chair and bench were all selected. And the room was missing one last element to tie it all together.

The accent color selected for the neutral modern bedroom as Persimmon.

Tiffany found a beautiful crushed shiny persimmon velvet for the center piece accent color. She knew she wanted to use it for a center pillow on the bed, but little did she know it would end up having a life of it's own and inspire her pillow line collection and birth TLA Boutique.

The pattern was inspired by the beautiful pattern on the shade (pictured below). The metallic silver and gold were inspired by the modern metallic elements of silver and the gold being a new metallic element to round out the modern elegance of the room.

She gifted this pillow to her client for Christmas around the time the room was installed and finished. The function of tying the whole scheme together and specialness of this gift created the exact result she wanted it to provide. ... Joy.

This pillow design and it's more traditional offshoots are now available to you.

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