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We have a lot of exciting things going on over here! On top of designing some beautiful projects for some wonderful people, I have launched a new home accessories line called Love Your Home Décor by Tiffany Lee Ann Design Home. It started with a custom painted pillow needed for one of my projects and it has blossomed into so much more! Each item purchased from the line proceeds are donated to Safe Families Organization to support children in crisis. Families go through crisis due to job loss, addiction, or more and safe families is a private organization that helps children stay safe and out of the cross fire during these times of crisis and works with the parents to get them back to a healthy place so they can reunite with their children.

So for every comfort you purchase for your home, you provide comfort for a child in need.

You will see on each picture below it will say Vote for your favorite. That's the most important!

#1 I want your feedback, each pillow is an opportunity to help a child so I really don't want to just put pillows up that no one likes, and then not be able to help.

#2 When you vote you get FREE stuff! Tickets to come to a super fun free event all focused on pampering YOU!

  • Another exciting thing happening is that we are honored to contribute the décor and an item for raffle at the funnest event happening in Aliso Viejo March 4! Get ready to be pampered gals, you are in for a treat!

Free giveaways! Free mini facials!

Free essential oils! Free samples!

Free food and drinks!

It will be a good time and a much needed break from work, temper tantrums, and changing diapers!

Tiffany Lee Ann Design is a contributor and we have tickets we are able to give away!

In addition to the pillow line we now have area rugs to add to our collection! 25 to be exact, but we can customize and offer much more on an appointment basis. These 25 rugs are in stock and available to ship once you place your order, give a few days for processing.

You can shop the area rugs at

You can vote on either category in the comments below.

Thank you!

Place your vote in the comments below to win FREE tickets to the funnest event: Pamper Yourself!

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For your viewing pleasure: see below but just vote on the top image-

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